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Meet the heroes of a Victorian Steampunk Adventure


The Scientist

Meet Theophilus Jethro Bagley, once a scientist of world renown but now a burnt out shell of a man since a failed experiment turned a  block into rubble and killed his soon to be father-in-law.

Dishonored and ridiculed as he swore it was sabotage yet no evidence of such foul play was ever found. Can be found in his laboratory creating new inventions trying to create his old experiement to clear his name.


Tabitha Aurelia Hopperton

The daughter of Industrialist and Member of Parliament Lord Hopperton. Was previously engaged to Theophilus before the Incident.


The Apprentice

Meet Edye Plundell, an orphan and former street urchin picking pockets and burgling for the local wild boys, The Drury-Lane Gang.

Picking the wrong pocket, that of Professor Theophilus Bagley, led to a change in his fortunes. Professor Bagley offered Edye an apprenticeship at his science laboratory. He spends most of his days helping in the Lab and avoiding the Drury-Lane Gang.


The Marquis de Grouchy

French Nobleman, Scientist, adventurer and the nemesis of Theophilus Bagley.

Early prototype tests will be posted at a later date.

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