September 21, 2018

Finally getting time to replace the placeholder graphics now with final versions. Starting with the UI and HUD elements, here's the final version HUD.

Here are some of the final UI layouts for some of the other screens such as Hangar, Upgrades, Ship Select etc

May 15, 2018

So the working title of the project has been ArkWar - Low Level. The idea was to use the ArkWar title in possible future games in different genres but within the same universe. However as there is a fairly large strategy game called Ark Of War - Republic, I thought it...

March 8, 2018

Just started testing Orbs and fixing some small bugs. Particles need scaling down but the gameplay of chase and zap is working quite nicely! Really happy with this part of the game. Great stuff by lead programmer Maya Milusheva - https://plush-soft....

February 5, 2018

Two variations of health powerup, ground version for low lying levels and a floating one for more higher levels. Pleased with the VFX and how it works with the model and texture scolling animations. 

 Concept courtesy of Sukh -

 Final ve...

February 5, 2018

Final version of Boost with VFX - Really happy how this one turned out! At present in game it's a little slow and needs to last longer but those attributes are exposed from the script so it'll be easy to create a variety of Boosts that travel at different speeds and du...

February 5, 2018

Here are the gates that need to be shut down allowing progress through levels. 3 different varieties with differering power levels. Also in this post at the bottom are the switches, stand alone and wall switches which have to be destroyed in order to open the gates.


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