NeoArk is an isometric scrolling shoot'em up with a novel twist in time control.

Help the Global AirForce save earth from nefarious alien invaders hell bent on stealing all the species of planet Earth for their own diabolical gene splicing DNA experiments to save their own species. The hordes of aliens keep coming, traveling the distance of space and time in the blink of an eye.

Earth scientists have devised a system of time control, utililizing the invaders own power tech against them. This allows the pilots to control time for a short period allowing them to target and destroy their enemies. 

Fly progressively better ships, use your guns, lasers, photons and all manner of missiles and bombs to eradicate this alien horde from planet earth and save the our species before they are used against humanity.


Save our DNA, Save Earth's species before it's too late.





In Game


Concept Art

ArkWar_Concept_Missile Launchers
ArkWar_Concept_Missile Launchers_V2
ArkWar_Concept_laser gates
ArkWar_Concept_laser gates_v2
ArkWar_Concept_generators small
ArkWar_Concept_wall switch

Meet the Team

Girish Mekwan

Game Director -


Many years experience in video games having worked for companies such as Blitz, Sony, Travellers Tales and Exient on large franchises such as Crash Bandicoot, Super Monkey Ball and Angry Birds.


On NeoArk Art/Design/UI and Monitization has been his main focus.

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Matthew Lewis

Senior Programmer -


Matt has many years experience and has worked with Travellers Tales, Natural Motion and Zynga on franchises such as Crash Bandicoot, Super Monkey Ball and Mobile title Dawn of Titans.

On NeoArk Matt has implemented the Upgrade mechanics and Upgrade UI system as well as gameplay programming.

Maya Milusheva

Lead Programmer -

Over 7 years experience with time spent at Crytek and now owner of Plush Soft delivering fun games and and experiences for the youngest players.

On NeoArk she has lead every aspect of the code from prototype, game mechanics, UI and Optimization.

Sukhbir Purewal

Concept Artist -

Sukh is a highly sought after concept artist who has set the art style on many games including Angry Birds GO! and Angry Birds Transformers.

He has experience at companies such as Rare, Exient and Space Ape and is now in demand as a freelancer.

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