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Pickups with VFX - Arkwar

Here are some of the picks in ArkWar. Tried to give it a feel of projecting an object in crossed with a hologram style. Overall quite happy with the way they've turned out!!

Below are the Magnet and Slow Time (Slo-Mo) pickups.

Below is the Bomb pickups. The bombs do not have their VFX on them in this as thats only shown when a bomb is launched.

Below are the Missile pickups, again no VFX for the missiles as thats only shown when they are launched.

Crate pickups are below for Guns Ammo, Bombs Ammo, Missiles Ammo and Coins. I need to tone down the effects on here, probably remove the swirling sparklies!

#Pickups #ArkWar #ElementZeroStudios #ElementZero #Crates #Bombs #Missiles #SloMo #Slomo #Magnet

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